Monday, November 21, 2005


Okay... first off, no B.S. My boy Matt is nuts (in case you haven't seen it, Having said that, you gotta give it up to him. He sacked up for what he believes in, which is more than most of us ever do, and it's caused him nothing but grief.

Did he go about getting his message out in the best possible way? Probably not. His over the top rants and accusations with seemingly little solid evidence have hurt his credibility with any mainstream media and have given his critics ammo to use against him. And use it they have, costing him a team last year.

Still though... all of you that are laughing at him don't have half the sack he has. More sanity? Maybe, maybe not. I haven't yet read your rants. You could be nuts too. And I don't know if you got a pair. Matt does.

And Matt, if you see this - fight on, but fight smart. People will listen to you if you listen to them sometimes too. If the most important thing to you is to get your message out and fight doping, do it in a way that people will be receptive to it. I want to belive this is what you want to do. If I'm wrong and you just wanna make noise...well then, I read you wrong.


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