Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Things that suck, part 2

Things that suck, updated:

  1. Wind
  2. Trainers

Yep. Today was my first day of indoor training in years. I forgot how much it sucks. Back in the day, when I had no real job to speak of, training indoors happened if it was raining. And even then it was rare. Riding in the rain beats training indoors.

But, now that I'm old and fat and have a real job, there's no time to ride during daylight hours. So I shelled out three bills for a new trainer and busted it out today. A few intervals and a few more buckets of sweat later, I had my workout for the day in.

Really, though, who am I to complain. It could be worse. At least I get to ride on the weekend and I don't live where it snows. Riding in the snow would really suck. Then you'd hear me bitch to no end. So to all of you who live where it snows, I say Thhhhhbbbbbbtt!


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