Thursday, December 08, 2005

Bad things come in threes

As in a three hour delay at the airport. On the way back from Philly (where it snowed on me, dammit) we were stuck on the airplane for three hours while the maintenance crew fixed a mechanical problem.

Okay. First off, don't tell me my plane has a mechanical problem and then take me 30,000 feet up in it. Not cool. Then, if it does have a problem, why wait until 200 of us are on board before fixing it? Why not fix it when I'm in the airport and can grab a beer and a bite to eat? And to top it off, if you do make me sit in the cramped airplane seat in the gate for three hours, don't make me pay for my snack! Bite me, Northwest.

When I got home, however, good things came in threes. Three Newcastle Brown Ales, specifically. Today after work should be my first day back on the bike... well trainer that is. I'm looking forward to actually getting some road miles in, but that will have to wait till the weekend. So, it'll be another grouping of three tonight - three hours on the trainer. Is that good or bad?


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