Thursday, December 21, 2006

Race weight

Well, let me spell it out to you in table format for easy reading:

WeightUphill speed
December 1997135fast
December 2005155N/A
December 2006135almost as fast

As you can plainly see, the weight is now what it should be at... the fitness isn't there yet, but I'm feeling kinda fit for the first time since the pseudo-retirement. (You acutally have to have done something to "retire." I did something in my own imagination, thus I retired in my own imagination.)

Nonetheless, it's nice to look in the mirror and not think "You friggin' fat ass." My wife thinks I'm nuts for weighing myself twice a day these days. She never knew me when I raced, and never knew any racers. She's quickly learning that we, especially us climbers, are second only to supermodels when it comes to obsession with weight (see also: Rasmussen, Michael).

We'll see if all this work pays off in a couple months when the first race rolls around. The good ol' USCF downgraded me to a 3 of all things, so we'll see how much of a has been I really am. I can tell you this much: That new bike was a waste if I don't at least earn my entry fees back in these damn cat 3 races, assuming the 17 year old "I'm gonna be pro" doesn't crash me.


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