Monday, March 27, 2006

The Amazing Race

I'm down for pretty much any kind of racing. If the goal is to be first across the line, I'll probably enjoy doing/watching it. Thus, I watch the Amazing Race. Sometimes the challenges are cool, sometime they are lame - but it's always decent entertainment. The show follow a predictibable forumla these days. They always start with the same teams: The Gay Guys, The Old Folks, The Hot Chicks, The Frat Boys, The Black Folks, The Nerdy Couple, They Dating Couple, The Recently Broke Up Couple, The AssHole Husband with Passive Agressive Wife, and a couple wildcard teams. Not surprisingly, these teams usually make pretty good reality TV. One of the wildcard teams this year is The Hippies. I like those dudes, and I want them to win. Watch it. Tuesdays at 10.

Monday, March 20, 2006


You know the problem with hotels and not being at home? The crappy food. I swear. I didn't any more often than when I was at home, and I hit the weak ass workout room a few times while I was gone. And I still put on a couple pounds. I tried to eat as good as possible, but when you're at a convention center and your choices are a sausage biscuit and some fatty muffin, you're screwed. Oh well. At least I had the pleasure of 2 hours on the trainer tonight.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Two things that suck

1. Rain
I'm sick of it. I had the weekend off work, and I spent it riding the trainer in the garage. Not my idea of fun.

2. Travel
I'm out of town this next week (again!) and will have to deal with the Sheraton's ghetto workout room. Weak.