Sunday, January 14, 2007

Back! And cold!

Ahh... back to reality! After a week in Mexico and a week in the mountains, it's time to return to real life. I'm not looking forward to work, but I am looking forward to a real bike again. Vacations are cool, but hotel stationary trainers are not.

Anyhow, now that I'm home, the weather has suddenly started to suck. Really. The alarm went off this morning and as I was eating my bagel, I thought I'd check the weather. tells me that it's 24 degrees outside... and it feels like 16 because of some wind. I live in California, dammit! Why is it below freezing?!? So, because I'm a giant wuss and hate the cold, I'll be skipping the group ride today and heading out on my own once it warms up a bit.

T-minus two weeks until the first race in nine years.

Finally, you may have seen this before, but it still amazes me when I see it.


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