Sunday, January 21, 2007

Cold! and windy!

Dammit. Allow me to bitch and whine for a bit. Now, not only is it cold, but it's windy too. It was 36 when I left my house for Como this morning. By the time we hit the descent on Dump, it had to be blowing at leas 25 mph. I pulled off the wrong side when trying to get off the front of the group, and had to sprint to catch back on... downhill! Anyhow, I would have had a decent finish in the sprint to the end if some jackasses hadn't sat up right in front of me. I hope they were paid well to block, 'cause they couldn't have done a better job. Jackasses.

Anyhow, one week till the first race day in 9 years. I'm looking forward to it. Expectations are mixed. I feel fairly strong, but it might take a couple weeks to remember where to be when in these things called crits. When the road races come around, I'll really feel like a racer again.


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