Thursday, December 22, 2005

Thank you, Cycling gods

Apparently, the cycling gods heard my plea and decided to raise the temperature a bit for me. The next week, of which I have off work, will be in the mid to upper 70s every day. And not a 40 degree low in sight. All hail so-cal! I fart in the general direction of all of you that have to ride in the snow! So for the next week, it'll be all road rides (no damn trainer), in just shorts and jerseys. Ha!

Speaking of shorts and jerseys, a big F-U to my club who decided to go an change colors on me. A-holes. See, I bought a new helmet last year and it matched the club colors for the last four years perfectly. Then they go and change. Since I just spent way-too-much on a bike, the mismatched helmet will have to stay. Hopefully I'll never put it to use anyhow. And now that I'm old and fat, hopefully the races will be less dangerous. I don't remember the masters crashing nearly as much as us (former) young guns used to. I guess when everyone has to go to work on Monday you take less chances.


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