Friday, February 17, 2006

Tour of CA

Ok, then... who's gonna take the Tour of California? Levi? Bobby? Horner? Some spandex-wearn', leg-shavin', France-lovin', Euro hippie? My money is on Bobby. Bjarne seems to want him to peak this time of year and save his big guns for later in the season. Floyd and Levi are looking to the Tour as well. Horner might give it a go, but I'm guessing he's more interested in winning races in Yerrup. He's done about all there is to do this side of the pond. He's got nothing to prove here and everything to prove there. So Bobby it will be.

The stages look awesome. I'm checking out the second to last stage in the hills by Somis. The race will probably be pretty broken up by the time it gets to me, but I'm still looking forward to some serious power up the hills I ride.


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