Tuesday, January 03, 2006

so, um... yeah. Fat.


It used to be easy to contain myself on the holidays. I'd see the food, eat a bit and stop. But not this year. That cherry pie in the fridge? Gone. The left over Christmas ham? Gone. The "Beers of the World" I got for Christmas? Gone. (Don't regret that one so much. Some damn good beer in there.) Those quesadilla rolls and mozzarella sticks left over from New Years? Gone. And all of that adds up to a few extra pounds on the ol' temple here.

The rain didn't help much either. I did force myself on the trainer a few times, but I missed being out on the road. I had a week off work, and much of it was spent on the trainer. WTF is that about? Stupid weather.

But back to my original point. Now I'm older, slower, and fatter than when this blog started. Off the back, here I come!


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